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Build More with SuperBuilds!

WABA Fun has launched SuperBuilds, a search engine for models to build. SuperBuilds is a searchable database loaded with fun Superstructs models and the downloadable building plans to help you make them. With SuperBuilds, young builders can quickly find new building ideas based on the Superstructs sets they own.

All searches are based on the components in each set, so you will not receive results that cannot be made without buying more sets. But if you wish to see what else can be made when you do own more, the SuperBuilds system can show you that too! Our designers have been busy and they don’t seem to limit themselves to designing using the components from only one set.

Check it out! SuperBuilds

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  • Featured Model: Cricket Pump

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    Model: Cricket Pump

    Description: Here’s a fun build! This is a pump, commonly called a “cricket pump”, is used in oil fields around the world. Send us a note and/or image when you build yours!

    Difficulty: Intermediate

    Pieces: 42

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  • Featured Model: Robot / Gundam

    Model: Robot

    Description: They say everyone will own a robot in the future. Here’s one you can build today!

    Difficulty: Easy

    Pieces: 40

    Download the Guide

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  • Featured Model: Helicopter


    Model: Helicopter

    Description: Building this model teaches balance, eye-hand coordination, squencing, and it’s really fun!

    Difficulty: Easy

    Pieces: 37

    Download the Guide

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