SuperBuids DBX will soon launch a unique online system to help you search for new and fun models to build. The SuperBuilds DBX is a searchable database loaded with fun Superstructs models and the downloadable building plans to help you make them. With the SuperBuilds DBX, young builders will be able to search for new building ideas by selecting the Superstructs set (or sets) they own and the search results will show a list of models (with images) that can be created with those components.

All searches are based on the components in each set, so you won’t receive results that cannot be made without buying more sets. But if you wish to see what else can be made when you do own more, the SuperBuilds DBX can show you that too! Our designers have been busy and they don’t seem to limit themselves to designing using the components from only one set.

We really like the idea of offering more value to our customers and SuperBuilds DBX does just that.

Look for more news on the searchable SuperBuilds DBX coming soon on!