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Welcome to the Kid-Friendly Creative Zone! Look here for cool new models to build from our designers plus great builds and ideas from Superstructs fans like you.

We have some exciting news to share! Delta of Sweden, makers of Moon Sand™, have partnered with WABA Fun. You may now find special offers and unique toys within our online store that are not available anywhere else.

If you’re not familiar, Deltasand is like Moon Sand except that it’s 50% lighter and is ideal for molding and carving with simple tools. We can even ship it with your Superstructs order!

Check out the Deltasand products!

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  • Here’s a little bit of planet-saving news to make you feel better while putting those Superstructs pieces back in the canister – our Superstructs canisters are made from 100% recycled materials! And for those who may be as concerned about safety as we are, the canisters have also been tested to exceed toy industry standards (ASTM and EN-71) for safety. So hang onto that sturdy canister to store your pieces, you’re helping our planet!

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  • Featured Model: Cricket Pump

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    Model: Cricket Pump

    Description: Here’s a fun build! This is a pump, commonly called a “cricket pump”, is used in oil fields around the world. Send us a note and/or image when you build yours!

    Difficulty: Intermediate

    Pieces: 42

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  • Featured Model: Robot / Gundam

    Model: Robot

    Description: They say everyone will own a robot in the future. Here’s one you can build today!

    Difficulty: Easy

    Pieces: 40

    Download the Guide

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  • Featured Model: Helicopter


    Model: Helicopter

    Description: Building this model teaches balance, eye-hand coordination, squencing, and it’s really fun!

    Difficulty: Easy

    Pieces: 37

    Download the Guide

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