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How does the SuperBuilds search work?

Since we designed the set(s) you own, we know what components (Superstructs parts) you have in your collection. The SuperBuilds DBX search algorithm uses the these components when finding new creations for you to build. It's kind of like magic - only with math and code.

Will you add more SuperBuilds to the SuperBuilds DBX?

We love to build and our offices are full of Superstructs creations (star ships, tractors, and who-knows-what-to-call-its). We will be adding new builds daily or weekly (as time permits) to the DBX. So make sure you check back in frequently, you never know what we might have made for you.

This is fun, but can I rate a SuperBuild?

Yes indeed, and you don't even need to register. Just do a search, find the SuperBuild you created and give it your own rating. The system keeps track of your activity for you. Have fun!

Can I submit an idea for SuperBuilds?

We would love to see your creations, but we're not quite ready to handle them all - not when we still have so many of our own to put up into the system. Allow us a little time to organize a process and create the technology to submit your creations. We want to make sure we can also give you credit for your efforts. That's important.

I am missing a part. Can I order pieces from you?

Certainly! Just send us an email with your name and describe the pieces you need replaced. It will also help us to know what set (or sets) you own so we send you the correct parts. Click here to send us an email.

Can I download a copy of the original build guide for my set?

Unfortunately, we only have a few of the build guides available at this time. Links to download guides for specific sets are available on the product page and on the right-hand side of the "More Ideas" blog section of

Where are Superstructs sold?

Superstructs are sold in more than 50 countries, but unfortunately that doesn't mean you can find them just anywhere. To help you locate a store near you, please use our store locator on

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